Growing Positivity: The Cannabis Consumer in Canada during the COVID 19 pandemic


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Since becoming legalised in 2019, the cannabis market in Canada continues to evolve and at an astounding rate. For starters, opinions on cannabis are shifting in a more positive direction. New product varieties and business models are entering the market making cannabis more accessible to a wider audience. And finally, more and more Canadians of every age group are open to seeing just how cannabis can meet the needs of their lifestyle, whether it’s for recreational use, medical use, or simply for personal enjoyment.

To help researchers and marketers better understand the still emerging cannabis consumer in Canada, this latest report shares some of the key changes we’ve seen since 2019, specifically highlighting:

  •  Demographic profiles of current, new, and potential users
  •  Sources for purchasing cannabis
  •  The effects of COVID 19 on usage
  •  Current preferred forms of usage compared to 2019
  •  Reasons for using and potentially using cannabis
  •  Sources of information around cannabis
  •  Preferred product forms for health and wellness users
  •  Key psychographic statements on social acceptability of cannabis, buying cannabis, perceptions around health and wellness, and more.

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