Still Growing: The Cannabis Consumer in Canada 4 Years Post-Legalization


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It’s been four years since Canada legalized cannabis, and as we all know, it hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride for the industry as a whole. What we have seen however, are some very encouraging signs from a consumer standpoint that show that cannabis has a real place in the Canadian market. Take for example the 50% of Canadians who now feel cannabis is acceptable, or the projected 9.6 million who have consumed in the past three months, or the 3.7 million more Canadians who use cannabis to treat conditions from stress and anxiety, to back pain, fatigue and more.

Bottom line, the cannabis industry and the Canadians who enjoy it are continually evolving, and with Vividata’s latest SCC/Cannabis study providing four solid years of data to go on, we now have strong indicators showing how cannabis consumers in Canada are growing.

Featuring data from Vividata’s latest SCC/Cannabis database, the new report highlights:

  •  The current profile of cannabis consumers compared to 2019
  •  Frequency and recency of use
  •  Reasons for using cannabis
  •  Profiles of those that use cannabis for recreational reasons versus health and wellness
  •  Top cannabis forms for new users compared to more experienced users
  •  The change in the illicit and legal markets in Canada since 2019
  •  Profile of potential users including motivations for use
  •  Attitudes and opinions on cannabis education, acceptance, and advertising

and more!

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