How Canadians are Using Cannabis for Health and Wellness


With the legalization of recreational cannabis, and greater scientific discoveries on the plant, the marketability and efficacy of cannabis as a health and wellness product is growing daily. Health and wellness brands across numerous categories — from food and beverage to beauty and pharmaceuticals — are developing cannabis infused products as Canadian consumers seek out the plant’s many benefits.

To advise brands, media, and government on the current consumer experience, Vivintel’s report, How Canadians are Using Cannabis for Health & Wellness, provides in-depth insights into how Canadians are using and thinking about cannabis for healing. This report specifically highlights:

       •   The profile of cannabis users for health and wellness
       •   Methods of use by existing and first-time users
       •   Important factors in deciding what products to use
       •   Motivation to try cannabis for health and wellness
       •   Ailments cannabis is used to treat
       •   Effectiveness of cannabis
       •   Use of prescriptions and how obtained
       •   Public opinion on cannabis as a medical alternative

This report is Vivintel’s third installment in a series of reports on the Canadian cannabis market.

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Results for this report are from Vivintel’s 2019 Canadian Cannabis Study: Post-legalization Usage and Opinions, and are integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer, providing consumer data against 350+ product categories, and 4,000+ consumer and media brands. Interested in gaining software access to this extensive database to perform your own custom analysis? Contact us.


Nationally representative surveying was done during March, 2019. This resulted in a total of just over 5,000 respondents (composed of cannabis users and nonusers). The Canadian Cannabis Study: Post-legalization Usage and Opinions data were then integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer (Spring 2019).

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