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The Canadian Cannabis Study

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The legalisation of cannabis in Canada presents a host of opportunities for business and government. This is perhaps the most significant change in legal structure regarding a consumer good since prohibition, and the impact on Canadians, commerce, and government remain unclear. To succeed in this market, understanding current and potential cannabis consumers, and public opinion, is crucial.

Vivintel’s Canadian Cannabis Study: Use and Opinions Pre-Legalisation arms organizations with insights to optimize their strategy for this nascent industry. This study provides an in-depth understanding on current medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers and their consumption habits. It also captures how users and nonusers feel about cannabis and its legalisation, opinions on preferred channels for cannabis education and distribution, potential consumption, and much more.

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Results for this report are from Vivintel’s 2018 Canadian Cannabis Study, and are integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer, providing consumer data against 350+ product categories, and 4,000+ consumer and media brands. Interested in gaining software access to this extensive database to perform your own custom analysis? Contact us.


Surveying was conducted between March 2nd – March 14th, 2018 with a total sample of 4880 adult Canadians (19+). Of the total sample, 1025 respondents claimed to be users of Cannabis. The sample includes provincial, age, and gender (male and female) representation, and is projected to Statistics Canada’s 19+ population. Key cannabis user and non-user variables from this study were then integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer (Spring 2018).

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