Communities On The Rise: An In-Depth Look at Black, Chinese, and South Asian Consumers in Canada


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With the country planning to welcome 1.5 million new Canadians between now and 2025, Canada is set to become even more vibrant and diverse than ever before.

From a marketing and branding perspective, the increase in new Canadians and the country’s ever-expanding diversity is an incredible opportunity and a daunting challenge. Brands have the chance connect with new and growing consumer bases, yet at the same time, must understand the needs and wants of diverse Canadians to connect in ever more meaningful ways.

To help better understand the social passions, consumer voices, and media behaviours of these key consumers, Vividata conducted the SCC/Multicultural Study, giving us an in-depth look at the lives of Black, Chinese, and South Asian Canadians across the country. This report is a taste of what we found.

Featuring data from Vividata’s latest SCC/Multicultural database, the new report highlights:

  •  Demographic profiles of Black, Chinese and South Asian Canadians
  •  Place of origin or heritage, and years in Canada
  •  Cross-media habits and behaviour including hours spent streaming TV, on social media, on mobile internet and more, per week or per day
  •  Top video streaming services used
  •  Devices used to stream content
  •  Top social media platforms and radio content listened to
  •  Advertising awareness by media type
  •  Representation in advertising
  •  Celebration of cultural events
  •  Opinions on marketing and sponsorship around cultural events
  •  Opinions on diversity and inclusion as it relates to brands and marketing

and more!

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