Chinese Market Study


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With a growing Chinese population in Canada, it is increasingly important for marketers to meaningfully engage Chinese-Canadians across media channels. As the largest ethnic market in Canada, and one of the most affluent, Chinese-Canadians spend an estimated $61 billion a year in consumer goods and services. (Vividata SSC Spring 2020 Study, and Ethnic Study 2019)

This research report provides an in-depth look at Chinese consumers in Canada, exploring their values, their media habits and an overall understanding of their behaviour.

The information in this report will help marketers make informed decisions on media choices, the language(s) of communication, promotional events and engagements to create brand awareness and ultimately, market to Chinese consumers in Canada.

This report segments the Chinese consumer by tenancy and age, providing extensive insight into:

Chinese demographics in Toronto and Vancouver
Chinese consumer expenditure in Canada by market (i.e. Toronto and Vancouver)
Chinese consumer attitudes toward advertising and in-language marketing
An in-depth analysis into the media habits (i.e. traditional, digital and social) of the Chinese audience
An in-depth analysis into the purchasing preferences of Chinese consumers

This report covers a wide spectrum of topics to help marketers plan and make informed media buying decisions to reach this valued segment of the Canadian population.

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