Newcomers: The Evolving Face of Canada


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Just last year, Canada welcomed over 400,000 newcomers into the country – marking a record high for yearly immigration rates. Newcomer immigration is only set to grow from there, and Canada is set to become more diverse than ever before. 

For brands and advertisers, this growth in Canada’s multicultural community is an exciting opportunity to connect with an ever-growing consumer base – but no opportunity comes without its challenges. Understanding newcomers’ unique needs and wants is key to creating content that resonates and connects meaningfully with these communities.  

Using Vividata’s latest SCC and SCC/Multicultural databases, this report delves into the key demographics, consumer voices, and media behaviours of these diverse communities to help uncover what excites and motivates new Canadians.  

Featuring data from Vividata’s latest SCC and SCC/Multicultural databases, the new report highlights:

  •  Key demographics of Canadian Newcomers and established immigrants 
  •  Place of origin or heritage, and years in Canada
  •  Income, savings, level of education
  •  Purchasing intent for real estate, large household items, and vehicles
  •  Cross-media habits and behaviour including modes used to watch TV and top social media platforms
  •  Top themes resonated with in TV content 
  •  Ad influence by media type 
  •  Representation in advertising by media type 
  •  Celebration of cultural events
  •  Opinions on marketing and sponsorship around cultural events
  •  Opinions on diversity and inclusion as it relates to brands and marketing

and more!

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