Engaging with Sports Fans


Engaging with today’s sports fans means finding ways to connect with them in any of the million marketable moments they have in a day. The great thing about sports is that it’s often based on emotionally charged relationships, fodder for creating meaningful, lasting engagements. However, the emotional nature of these bonds can work negatively too. Failing to understand core consumer behaviors and attitudes around engagement can leave fans running toward competitors.

Engaging with Sports Fans is the second in a two part series (the first being The Wide World of Sports Fandom). This report highlights sports consumption by media, live viewing behaviors, retail and sponsorship attitudes and behaviors, and esports engagement.

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Results for this report are from Vivintel’s Sports & eSports Study, and are integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer, providing consumer data against 350+ product categories, and 4,000+ consumer and media brands. Interested in gaining software access to this extensive database to perform your own custom analysis?           Contact us.


Nationally representative surveying was done during January, 2019. This resulted in a total of 3,510 respondents. All respondents were either Traditional Sports followers and/or eSports followers. The sports and esports data were then integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer (Winter 2019).

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