COVID-19 Impact: The Canadian consumer during the pandemic


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With the country gradually making its way into the post-COVID world, there’s still far too much we don’t know. However, by looking at the impact of the pandemic on Canadian consumer behaviours, habits and opinions throughout, we could get a potential glimpse into the consumers we could become – from online vs in-store shopping preferences, to travel, to media habits, to thoughts around health and wellness, and more.

Framed around 8 psychographic COVID Impact Statements, this free-for-member report provides researchers and marketers key insights into:
  •  What Canadians are looking forward to doing again
  •  Travel post-COVID
  •  Concern about in-store shopping
  •  Consumers that shop for groceries online
  •  Consumers’ economic outlook post-COVID
  •  Concern about mental health and social distancing
  •  Trusted sources of information on COVID
  •  Media habits
  •  Perspectives of immigrants to Canada, and more

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