Aging in Place: A Snapshot of Canadians Preparing For Care at Home


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As the Canadian population continues to age, Canadians age 60 and over now make up 1/3 of the Canadian population, compared to the 1/4 they comprised in 2013. As these 10 million Canadians enter a new stage in their lives, new considerations around retirement, aging, and home modifications arise.

For brands and advertisers, this means connecting older Canadians with the resources and support they need to feel comfortable and confident aging wherever they please.

From where Canadians prefer to age, to the modifications they’re making to their homes to prepare to age in place, this report delves into the key considerations, consumer voices, and media behaviours of older Canadians.

Featuring data from Vividata’s latest SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer, the new report highlights:

• Home ownership and property types owned
• Average monthly online shopping spend by age group, from 2019-2023
• Most preferred and most likely locations to age
• Home modifications and average spend
• Views on aging-in-place
• Top English TV Channels by reach and index

and more! 

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