iGaming in Canada: An Inside Look At The Canadians Taking Their Chances With Online Gambling


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Between the closing of many casinos across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, provinces like Ontario opening their doors to private operators, and the continuing evolution of our online lives in general, it’s really no surprise that over 6.7 million Canadians 19+ visit an online gambling and sports betting property in an average month. But how much do we really know about who’s playing online, how often, and what it might take to reach them – both in terms of key messaging and media – to score big?

Using Vividata’s latest SCC/Digital and SCC/Sports&Esports databases, this report shares insights into Canadian iGamers – from the occasional visitor to the fervent sports better – including:

  •  Visitation to top iGaming websites and apps since 2020
  •  Key demographics of occasional, moderate and frequent visitors
  •  Visitation to provincial versus private websites
  •  Media behaviour of iGamers including internet activity and television viewing habits
  •  Key psychographic profiles of iGamers by age and frequency of visitation
  •  Profile of Canadians that bet sports online by how often they place bets
  •  Average amount placed per bet
  •  Top sports wagered on

and more!

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