Uniquely Quebec: The Evolving Consumer in Canada’s Belle Province


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In the past 10 years, we’ve seen immense change in Quebec’s population – from becoming increasingly ethnically diverse, to growing more comfortable with using new technologies since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With its differences from the rest of Canada, advertisers and marketers are regularly faced with the challenge of finding unique ways to reach and resonate with audiences in Quebec.

This latest report from Vividata delves into these changes, uncovering key stories on growing cultural diversity, Connected TV, digital news content, and more.

Featuring data from Vividata’s latest SCC database, the new report highlights:

• Key trended demographics, including age, language, and ethnicity
• How most often watch TV by province, language, and ethnicity
• Average spend on streaming platforms and time spent streaming paid and free services
• Digital news content readership
• How access digital news content by age and ethnicity
• Confidence and interest in using new technologies between 2019-2023
• Categories most often shopped online between 2019-2023

and more! 

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