Spot On: Opinions on Ad-Supported Subscription Video Streaming Services in Canada


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Free for Vividata members! With more and more Canadians turning to video streaming over standard television, services like Netflix are looking to both connect with new consumers and provide a way for brands to tap into their audiences. Airing ads for a cut in subscription fees is one way of going about it. But are Canadians open to having their once ad-free entertainment experiences interrupted with the latest branded messages?

In this latest free-for-member report from Vividata and PHD Media Canada, we share just how open subscribers are to sit through ads for a cut in fees, and if the idea can find its stride in both Canada and Quebec with highlights like:

  •  Subscribers to top video streaming services in Canada and Quebec by age and income
  •  Interest in watching ads to pay less for video streaming services
  •  Interest in subscribing to a service if it features any ads at all
  •  Opinions on the number of video streaming services subscribed to
  •  Media consumption habits
  •  Key insights on how open Canadians and Quebecers are to ad-supported video streaming from industry insiders

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