Trust in News


The fluctuating and nuanced relationship audiences have with news media has become of commercial and social importance to news organisations, audiences, advertisers and governments.

Trust in News explores the relationship between Canadian news audiences and news media, while uncovering areas of strength and opportunity for news organizations in Canada. This report also examines how Canadians feel about their news sources in the era of ‘fake news’, their preferred and trusted sources, and the importance of quality journalism.

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Results for this report are from Vividata and Kantar’s 2018 Trust in News Study, and are integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer. Interested in gaining software access to this extensive database to perform your own custom analysis? Contact us.


The Trust in News survey was conducted in April 2018, using a representative subset of 2,000 respondents from Vividata’s highly regarded Survey of the Canadian Consumer. These respondents completed a specially designed 15-minute survey that was statistically linked to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer (Summer 2018) providing its full suite of variables for extended analysis.

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