Cross-Media Update: SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer Fall 2023


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See the latest trends and insights in media – from TV and Video, Magazines, Newspapers, Social, and more – all updated with the latest data from our newly-released SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer. Plus, get important information about the SCC, what’s new for Fall 2023, and more, all available now in our free-for-member Cross-Media Update. 

What's included in the latest Update: 

TV and Video 
• Live and streamed TV habits across Canada
• Change in live and streamed TV habits by generation from Spring 2021 to Fall 2023
• NEW | The top streaming platforms in Canada
• NEW | Viewership of top streaming platforms by device

Internet and Social Media
• Average time spent online and on social media across Canada
• Reasons for using social media by generation
• Change in sentiment around Internet usage from Spring 2021 to Fall 2023

• Magazine readership across Canada
• Top magazine content Canadians consume
• Magazine readership by device

• Newspaper readership across Canada
• Digital newspaper readership by device
• Print or Digital readership by week-part and generation

Radio and Audio 
• Conventional and streamed radio/audio habits across Canada
• Change in conventional and streamed radio/audio habits by generation from Spring 2021 to Fall 2023
• NEW | Top devices Canadians are using to tune into radio and audio content.
• NEW | Which devices are keeping Canadians listening longest.
• Top streaming services for radio/audio

Out-Of-Home Media 
• NEW | Static and digital OOH ad awareness.
• NEW | Top placements of static and digital OOH ads by generation.
• NEW | OOH ad effectiveness.
• NEW | New opinions on advertising influence, QR codes and more.  

• What's new in the SCC Fall 2023 database
• Details on media quintiles and terciles for Fall 2023

and more! 

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